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MC Paul Barman


(Pokemon? sample)

"Hey, guess where the first ever writing was discovered?"

[Verse 1: MC Paul Barman]
Each world leader is such a turd eater
He won't write his own words, fill, or touch a bird feeder
I'm tellin' em'
Look past the melanin
To unbleached tan skeleton while our skin's still on
Putting the "gland" back in England
So erudite, this very night
From not even, just born bald till your hair be white
Clone wars are scored behind closed doors, according to an unknown source that fears feeling
Try a mug of Darjeeling
Ya'll presidents
Here's the deal
False Evidence, Appears Real
My passive-aggressive massive's impressive
Duncan Hines does a drunken bump n' grind to Dr. Funkenstein
He'll lend me a 10 spot
Or else get a pinch pot
Ashtray on his b-day
Now give me a rimshot

Side-splitting, knee-slapper
From swollen bowel, Colin Powell
Died sh*tting on the crapper
Tony Blair should send cronies where he'd fight himself
It's only fair
Which he losed at Foosball he let loose a moose-call
A Huguenot caught Great White weight, height
Beluga sized, big balls to call themselves Prodistin
God is in
("Maybe I can be more clearer?")

Can't abide it
Send camera-guided heatseekers
They shouldn't show their face like beekeepers
Society Always Leaves An Alien Mark
When your man hit the dark land, the sharks pinned up a list
Like a casting call, Anarcho-Syndicalist
In the UK, crusade be danger-fraught
Fought to make the manger not
Look like a chamber pot


"Hey, guess where the first ever writing was discovered?"


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