MC Paul Barman

"Because Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People"

there's nothing wrong with looking good
just go ask a kid from a Brookyln hood
accept reality or get stuck in mud
so what if it's got a hair trim?

american celebrity's all ajumble.
variety, pr. ol' high society.
what matters is policy,
but what people care about
is for all to see.
2004 before most folks was
grousin' bout war.
Studs Terkel said nominate Dennis Kucinich
and if you don't do that
then the Democratic Party is finished.
you only shop at a thrift shop
if you don't need a lift-off
because you're looking over from the cliff-top.

silence = death
violence = sex
scientific meth id
ego, superego
wherever we go, gotta plant a flag like Stratego

I’ll shoot a lightflare through your nightmare

information overload makes your head spin.
fred flintstone met a redskin and filled his sleeping bag with dead skin
because DC:flicks::ugly:pretty
yet DC reps can't rep their own city?
let the games begin
with bushifer anniston and her friends.

"this is now with Bill Moyers
first thingwe do is kill lawyers
not all viewers are skilled voyeurs
all kinds of folk need signs of hope
read between the lines of coke
we need media literacy immediately
to teach the kiddies plopped in front ofthe TV
to dispel the mystique
parents, watch with your seeds
and speak a critique
is there a laugh track?
product placement, then ads after that?
is violence the only graphic act?
yet sex jokes are constant.
how do advertisers influence content?
do plot lines defy common sense?
do couples always have the same spat?
who’s it aimed at?
it’s stealing kids from a candyshop
the war front’s antipropaganda and if
PBS shifts then they can’t be stopped
but that’s a liberal
willing to listen to fibs of glib feds
who will literally kill every kid in the world
it’s poetry
a moderate will hang you from a lowa tree
you’re current events actors
teach history backwards
start with today
you can get to yesterday afterwards

I’m the pastor of text
the last word is next
Tinkin has yet to master After Effects

sweet, isnit
I’m like a guy in the audience
but then u got to listen to it
then again
maybe I can’t be heard thru the din
at the openin
but you hear it the next day
when you go again with a friend

there’s something new under the sun
old folks now out number the young
and if the gap gets any larger
the world'll look like the work of Henry Darger
old men against stem cells will use them themselves
juice the youths, live to 112
Robert J Lifton deciphered the system for indoctrination
this is his listin: isolation, hunger, fatigue, stress;
fear/love relationships, unperceived threats;
violence, both physical and mental; objects: commerce, converts and teaching disciples
that’s the nuts and bolts of cults
we’re kept from being adults until the ultimate electromagnetic pulses
different from Moonies’ eunuchy communities in a bread and circus
bled of purpose til we’re dead and worthless

a royal rumble would have been an enjoyable jumble
Tony Blair should send his cronies where he’d fight himself, it’s only fair
you can play it safe and pray to save
so many jewels it’s Plato’s cave
if you don’t share they’ll raid your grave
makin' waves don’t raise your wage
sometimes rich folks behave like slaves
I met thinkin' Tinkin at the Full Moon Saloon
and while he was drinkin we watched the bull balloon

it’s good to see Tinkin simplify
every ho hopes her pimp’ll die
chimp up high is an empty vessel
like when we set a place for Elijah
but if one cuts off his head
it regrows on the Hydra
therefore to succeed
we need community
with you n me 1 an 1 is 3
now that’s some real deal pimp sh*t
for these limpd**k pinpricks
you only win itfor a minute
until we instill kinship
incest drove that thin chick to skinflicks
watching her perform makes you complicit
it’s supply and demand
a line in the sand
friends are enemies
when it’s ‘better them than me’
a friend is family only after amnesty
you’re land. I’m sea. we make clay to build fantasy.

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