MC Paul Barman
I been in the game for years!
It made me an ani-mole
From honor role on a roll
To pawn to go on the whole
Not a fan of the scam
Since the sonogram
Then Monihan said,
"Man, you gotta scan
The 48 Laws of Power
May cause deflowerin
Of your innocence, in a sense
Teach how to devour"

Never outshine the master
Even if cleverer or faster
You'll never get too far
If you reveal the true star you are
Because it must offend
A hierarchy's discrepancies

Never put too much trust in friends
Learn how to use enemies or
Spawn your mate's yawnin jaws of ingratitude
That'a dude!
48 laws and platitudes!
Envy, ire and friendly fire
Hire the enemy
My music makes ten 'a me
Conceal your intentions
If they've no clue what you're up to
They can't throw a wrench in the engine
Guide them down the wrong path
Make them do the long math

Always say less than necessary
What you express can bury. Spare the
Anecdote and a quote or risk a stigma
Stay an enigma quiet as kept

Rep rep reputation is power's cornerstone
Condone scorn and mourn alone
You're born a clone

So court attention at all cost
If people don't talk smack
Then you're a small boss
Fall across the limelight
And even when I'm wrong I'm right
Why fight?
Let others work for you and take the credit
Don't forget, you're the big dick
He's just the head of the clit

Get it the same as the W
And Let the game come to you
Use bait. Get a new fate
Before it's too late

Who's next?:
Khrushchev denounced Stalin's atrocities before hundreds of men
"You were a colleague of Stalin's. Why didn't you stop him then?"
"WHO SAID THAT?....................Now you know why..."
A breath battle's a death rattle
Words are weak, cause ill will
Results speak, instill skill
Step off the seesaw
And let the man free-fall
This is not what they teach in prelaw

Avoid the sad sack with bad luck
He carries a high risk virus that stuck
Hang with the fortunate
Go towards the light with the torch in it
Keep people dependent
To extend an ended friendship

Life's not a rehearsal
Most laws hold reversals
Business never personal

Honesty works as an impassioned distraction
It's a blunt tool like the sheath the scalpel is wrapped in
Stow your force
Use a trojan horse to open doors

Appeal to a need
To implement a deed
Mutual benefit's different from greed
Begging for mercy will just make him thirsty
And gratitude is an attitude leaders love to be freed from

Pose as a friend, work as a spy
He disclose what he knows, the surface a lie
Ask indirect questions to collect their intentions
Arthur Schoepenhaur authored art for open power:
If you think you're being deceived
Act as if you believe
This will give the speaker courage to continue
And betray what's up his sleeve
If you perceive he only halfway conceals
Express doubt. The man will reveal his reserve
And let the truth out

Crush your enemy totally
Mush him like roadkill. He
Won't be able to heal and avenge the violated
He'll only stay silent if he's iron-plated annihilated

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Overstayed your welcome, go yonder
No sponsor?

Create value through scarcity
When you remove a product
It becomes rare-- or appears to be

Eddie Fischer acted spazzily with Boris Spasky
And served his ass for free. That's the key
Put the psych in cyclone like i hype my mic-phone
Isolation is nothing to write home about
You can't avoid pain
Conspiracies spring up like mushrooms after rain

Don't let your enemy engender energy entropy
If he can't take pokin fun
That's a smokin gun
To break out in a broken run from town
Clown an insecure man and he'll hunt you down
Some are too blunt to come around

Never commit to anyone

To make your mark feel smart, act plenty dumb
If youre a doogie howser, play a broody bouncer

Can't win? Surrender
That don't make you a coward
48 laws of power sours naivete
That'll be the day you learn to devour

Spread thin can't win and move in a lead skin
Mom eats medicine to make a dead twin
If she can afford only one son
Concentrate your forces to the head of a pin

Do dirt, make an effort to be flirtier
Be the perfect courtier
A little birdy heard many more
When we score. Another 24

Where there's riches there's robbery n
Follow the scriptures of Robert Greene
You'll be seen and make a lotta green
Or pose as a non-player and
Pour water through a screen
While you read the menu
We feed on sinew
25-48, to be continued