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MC Paul Barman

"Suspended Animation"


Yeah, you know what? Sit back and listen

[Verse 1: MC Paul Barman]

I wonder if I can rhyme straight from the subconscious
And travel through space, to wherever L'Orange is
I find great things happen when I go for a walk
Or if I'm irate about something
That for some reason didn't expose inner talk
Also good conditions are the process of 'Sober Up'
Ideas come faster 'hungry', than if overstuffed
Why would someone be shy about talking about 'process'?
God bless the system that makes an expensive habit cost less
Where are these sounds coming from?
Did someone say something dumb?
Becoming numb?
The beat-box lost some depth but not a complete loss:
Silver lining
Stripped down sounds inspire iller rhyming
They give me grimeys
Will I ever pen write again?
Mic descends?
Might I like Light FM?

[Verse 2: MC Paul Barman]

My son asleep on my lap
Gives a chap a chance to eek out a rap
I'll rewire your brain so you retire more sane
Cheek on my wallet while you freak out and clap
Reach higher-ordained
I used to think my work would last forever
But now I’m not sure forever has got too long
Brought you a hot new song

And that completes a short trip to your head
You hooked up the beat?
I ripped it to shreds


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