MC Paul Barman
Lonely Piano
My hands on my chin
The light's streamin' in
So I ponder the dust
I got a laundry-list wanderlust to go yonder, bust a move
Hither and thither, deliver Joie De Vivre
Give yer girl a shiver
The meta-thought focuses
Idea flow kisses and open like crocuses
The autodidact
Facts get thought, no hijack, side track
Detangling a dangling modifier
The angling codifier
And [not?] if i repeat
[still drill teeth?] like a spirochete
To give the head a blast
The [medafrast?] verbivore
Rhyming words you've never heard before
And if you don't know, look it up, mister

Would you hide me?
"would I what?!"
Would you hide me?
"would I hide you?"

Class War
Precisely what you asked for
No I won't hide you, but I can afford to afford your pass-port
You see, [?] lied to my schools, the schools lied to my folks
So, most [loc.s?] can't even tell that it's a hoax
To target frightening thugs with their mind heightening drugs
So blind, they can't find lightning bugs
In the dark!
Oligarch, Technocrat, Loan Shark
[let the?] baddest foes [set?] status quo
Well, not yet
My box set will be [as obnox. as?] getting fresh socks wet
On your [mockset?] gorgonzola
Ah-Ha-Vah, Ha Ha! I Ram Mariah a lot, Tom Mottola
And that's 3 palindrhymes in a roll-the!
Stuff that I did for DJ Yoda
On Quasimoto
His LP is right next to my framed Ozzy photo
And I'm outta here!