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MC Paul Barman

"Old Fogey Vs. Whippersnapper"

The old fogey is a cold OG
What'd you say, whippersnapper?
I suppose you prefer a stripper rapper
Your fitted cap looks like sh*tted crap
And whoever put that jockstrap on your head, give it back!
You look like a club member that forgot the password
Ain't nobody mistaken you for an athlete, you fat bast*rd
In the hall of ['chines?] where the full-of-sh*t kids be
Trippin' over wallet jeans, playing Ultimate Frisbee
Listen, kitty
Underground ain't a sound, it means you dig with a shovel
Till you find what you love all up under the rubble
Mind if I join you? skeletons left out to rot
What are you rebelling against "what do you got? ha ha ha"
I'm throwing out your dude ads
Your wall of [Absolut ads?]
And your [sine glossy and my two nads?]
I really don't give a damn
A 300 lb chick asked for my signature, I wrote 'To My Biggest Fan'
I'm so dope, I make priests write notes like "Dear, Pope
Old fogey Paul B made me lose hope
The prayers I [air are?] a joke compared to stares of the boys I groped
Love, Priest"
"Dear, Priest
You sound young, let's elope
Love, Pope"
The new reality show brought to you by Scope
Ass cream for tag team blaspheme
They wear dresses and hats like they're drag queens
"That's mean!"

(well what are you gonna do about it?)

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