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MC Paul Barman

"Last Rights"

[Paul - Talking]
After Graduating from the Institute of Disposable Arts
And recieving his degree, Ace went back to Brooklyn
And made a better life for himself
He started his own label
And artist management company a year later

Eventually he moved out of the projects
And bought a small modest house
In a quiet section of Brooklyn
A month after he went away
His ex-girlfriend Lisa became pregnant for the third time
This time by a baller from New Jersey
She still lives in the PJs with her three kids
And she occasionally does hair for extra cash
Her ex-man before Ace, Tyreque
The one who tried to have her car jacked
Is currently serving a 25 to life sentence in Virginia, for murder

Next time you have a minute
Pull out that Eric B. and Rakim album
That Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy
EPMD and MC Lyte
Take a listen to that Queen Latifah
Special Ed, and Gang Starr
Break out that King Tee, Ice-T
Geto Boys and N.W.A
And listen to where you've been
Preserve the music

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