MC Paul Barman


Mostly sounds and facial tics and rarely racial flick’s epithets
That’s when coprolalia’s in your basal ganglia
By 18, the syndrome’s usually onset
Confidence is a vital sin unlike the sense of entitlement the accomplishments of being pompous beget
Young lady born in 1983 in an Old Navy baby tee, when you blow me, hold your hair back with barrettes
She’s a hoochimama with all the accoutrema, (?not my ex but my future nah?) go “ooh aah,” then do pirouettes
When I came in from the fog, my girl wouldn’t snog
“You smell like a dog when you’re wet.”
Compressors and limiters get on his nerves like reuptake inhibitors
Prozack gets the bozack
Everybody knows that
He’d rather wax and wane and act insane than let corporations attack his brain
He wanted to lessen his excessive expression
But side effects include fatigue, restlessness, and depression
He’ll just wait for remission from the syndrome named by and for Georges Albert Édouard Brutus Gilles de la Tourette
The best a man can get

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