MC Paul Barman

"(((meat n bone)))"

[Verse 1]
Kings play Chess Or Feel Great Stress
Phylum in a class of his own
Order words to impress facts into his family's memories
Capable of anything, yet origin is as specs
Life is cheaper than talk
We sleepwalk so as not to deepen the shock
So how do we confront it?
Don't want it in the pit of your stomach
What you postpone is most prone to call back on the ghost phone
Always got my number as I creep up the block
Hard to keep up, people weep when I rock
Rulers make wolves look like sheep in the flock
“You sank my battleship,” said dude who drank my stank as*h**e drip
News flash: your crew's trash
I'm gonna go out on a limb, hang off the end
Pull a hook out a mouth, and throw it back out to swim
To the scene of the crime
The meaner the rhyme
The more it cleans up my mind
This beautiful stupid skill teams up my spine
Autorespond: “Whaddayawant?”
Thanks in advance to the banks for the spanks in the pants
Rest assured, I'm the crested bird of nested words, homes
To each his own til sun bleaches endless trenches of meat n bone

[Verse 2]
Meat keeps its enemy with bone deep identity
It’s that hardened shell that starts to smell
At one time, it might've guarded you well
But maladaptive strengths turn to captive feints
And you become your own warden in hell
The term human nature must bloom in stature
When my reptile’s kept silent, there’s more room to mature
As an adult and as species
Distractions need cheat sheets
Eat beets before you get a double mastectomy
Active intention that’s that habit of ecstasy
To be fully human is fully divinity
Why would someone else if I won’t give in to me?
I reverberate from a murderous invertebrate to perfect mate
Don’t even go there
Full disclosure: I pull out my nose hair
A word to the wise: First prize is that person averting his eyes
A burden to loved ones
It hurts, I can’t lie
Curtain rises on freaks, suits and ties in their seats
Expect unique performer back to normal by working week
Start sweetheart, streetsmart mnemonics for life
Economically stated canonical phrases
Raised to your conscience then gone quick
A septuagenarian repped an American arrogant kleptos expected slept on and buried then woke up in utopia
Presto, librarians turned knives to envelope openers
Leaders wrote letters that everyone’s hoping for
Pro tip: Don't trip
And no lip
In a nutshell, butts smell
All kidding aside, I’m hitting my stride
And in the final analysis, my vinyls cause vaginal calluses and spinal paralysis

[Verse 3]
Birth, death, first breath, sperm squirm
Compete to complete term (year), instinct steers tiny worms to egg (ovum)
Drove ’em through birth canal
2-hour trip, breadth girth of gal
“Last sperm’s a rotten egg!”
First one shall wend way in membrane
Lay DNA in centa
It bubbles, splits, doubles
Say “blastocyst” past the 6th day
Then brain sends lanes to form placenta
“Embryo, lemme know!” say shocked couples
Quadruples, octuples, for a time unseen
At 2 months, size of lima bean called “fetus.”
Clitoris stays as-is or morphs to balls and p*n*s
Heartbeat's a flashing pixel
So little, car seat's drizzle
Fast forward 2 trimesters
Declutter, break water
Chew on ice chips
Nice hips, steer south
Vice grips, awful
Soft skull crowning
Clear mouth, no drowning please
Rotate head 90 degrees
Legs spread eagle, knee pull
Ovum oven open, people!

[Verse 4]
Just dust
Last breath
Past death
Fresh corpse
Gas left
Livor mortis
Shrivelled tortoise
Turn blue
Give it a description
Slips into rigor mortis
Stiffer orbits
Hold your horses
Algor mortis
Cold old orifice
Change in pH balance
Cells lose structural integrity
Cooch inaction
Microbes blister like globes
Someone cover this guy with night robes
Leads to bloat like an airship
Maggots implant
Skin and hair slip
There, strip, where flip to active decay
Period of greatest mass loss
If on grass lots, cast-off fluids kills surrounding grass moss
Vegetation cadaver
Decomposition island
Pile on for advanced decay
Once handsome face kills surrounding grass moss leaving only dry remains
I.E., no eyes or brains
Vegetation resurgence
That escalated fast
Fat blades of grass stand strong
Teeth desiccated last
That sh*t is crazy!

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