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MC Paul Barman

"Buy Low, Sell High"

Buy Low, Sell High
I know, Well why?
You reap what you sow when you keep what you owe
You get what you pay for
And if you bet then you stay poor... probably
I won jiggy jiggy zippos
Playing hungry hungry hippos
With fugly ugly strippos

Gambling is great, I've been fortunate
I've got a rambling estate with a porch in it
Or more like around it, In the form of a horseshoe
I got pickleball, badminton and tennis courts too
I got day old locks in my mail box, FEDex and dry ice
Even my lice lead a fly nice lifestyle
So hot it makes my wife smile, Somersault and do log rolls
I fill my dog's dog's bowl with well water

My small daughter said: "Dad
Every ivory is thriving and lively
I didn't get A's, but please don't deprive me of the ivory tower
How are you gonna get me in?
Huh? Huh? Huh? How?"
Good thing I rub shoulders with club member card holders
It turns out, Number 1 is least expensive
But number 2 is least pretentious
And I don't want my baby backstabbed
Smack dab in the middle of mac lab
When all she's trying to do is e-mail
Her dear old dad

Please, She's the bees knees
I mean jeez
My son burst into tears
I wrote his name in red ink and cursed him for years
I wanna sister not a shicksa
Did you know both black and jewish women both wear wigs?
What a cowinkydink
I put my hands down their pants and made my pinky stink
Drenched with sweat and the stench of pet
I frenched the wet
Whosie whatsits
Squeezed their oozy butt zits
Put my feet on their bottoms
And use them as Ottomans
Then make them start vacuuming
Bare witness, This is business ac*men
It's one step at a time, Your reps on the line
I told mine to respectfully decline
Here's the deal memo
But the real emo, is to steal demos
It's exciting backing ends, I'm writing packet friends
I'm lighting frankincense
Roasting mini-marshmallows on toothpicks over candle
Holding hot mugs of tea by insulated handles
Called terrestrial reasoning's

But what is this called ginger tea?
The rain brings back the pain of an old injury
Holy moses (thats nice)
I got scholiosis's, as part of me feels my arteries slowly closes

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