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MC Paul Barman

"Sampling Law"

Verse 1:
Intellectual property don't mean you can't copy me
Just you'd be sued by he who own the monopoly
Copy me
Law is the rich mans rifle
Let vulgar control culture, life'll stifle
Stop lying, sampling was played and done
Until Brian dropped The Grey Album
Hip-hop brings back rebellion
And if we did not then people coulda forgot
Gimmie a break, the biggest thief is the government
I'm All Alone Naturally like Gilbert O'Sullivan
License a fragment and the lawyers get back in
Let you build the bands lab's, landgrab like sand crabs
There's no denying it
Media became our natural environment
If not, why are they advertising sh*t on floors of store, stickers on fruit
Songs, movies, even street interactions
Either natural environment or illegal harassment
Everyone is self spun
Television's a medium because it's neither rare nor well done
Rappers with deals clear better samples than Kiehls
But if he don't make it his that's when he steals

"Well I can't kick this habit"

Verse 2:
We manipulate tracks like Chuck Schumer'll do
With his letter W and numeral two
Sampling law...
Fans is clamoring for
Me to continue until I'm a great grandpaling pa

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