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Izzie Gibbs

"Join The Club"

Ah, brr
Join the club

[Verse 1]
Think you're woke, we got smoke for your pineal
They was lying when they said "Time heals"
Lost my n***a now he's in the sky still
R.I.P. pray to him, pray to him, that's a [?]
Think you're bad, you've got your ice chilled
Round here you're a nice meal, mmhmm
Pin her down cah she love the choke
I ain't gotta ask how the pipe feels
It's in her eyes still
Made the pu**y drip, that's a light spill
Got that kitty on wet
Just gimme a sec
My d**k is erect
[?] she's feeling impressed
This filling her chest
She bust then did it again
I left and slipped with the set
Thinks that he eats but he isn't a threat
Yeah he said he's the plug but he's really in debt
Gotta deal with the pain so I'm billing the meds
Listening to voicemails, can't see you again
I'm stressed
All the late nights just sat on my bed
Feel to take my own life just to be with my friend
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