"Back in Time"

[Hook: Public Library Commute]
I need us right back where we were
Another night back inside of our world
Would you wanna come with me back in time?
'Cause I could be better off thinking twice

[Verse 1: Healy]
Falls back so fall back on me
All that talk caught up on me
Call back when you're off that
Mixed signals, blow smoke, now we're off track

I'm Byhalia baby
Yeah I count Mississippi's like
Vidalia baby
With the top peeled back
You should be riding with me
Rewinding with me
Pedal to the metal
While I revel in the past

Sun dancing off the roof
And I hog ground on loop
And I'm 'round town man still whip it
When I feel a little coupe'd
And I stay camouflagеd
Light bends like mirage
I got nеw tints, man hues this?
En guard on God
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