Deep Cuts lyrics


[Refrain: Healy]
Denim and deep cuts
Lemonade, peach fuzz

[Verse 1: Healy]
Yeah, I'm speed bumping
Joyriding (Joyriding)
Sparks flying, but I'm still part-timing (Part-timing)
All these long nights that I'm archiving
Living highlights, but I'm farsighted

Cool if I'm calloused (Cool if I'm calloused)
As long as I'm balanced
I'm cool if I'm clouded
That's when I'm grounded

When I'm in my lows (When I'm in my)
Really in my lows (Really in my)
When I'm in my oms
Really in my oms (In my oms)
You wouldn't catch me dead-set
Banking on a best bet (Best bet)
Always second-guessing
Always second-guessing

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