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Loaded Lux

"Harlem Life"

[Verse 1]

Here we go
1st bets, this church get busy
I don't dance but I work like Diddy
Heart of the land with these sights so pretty
Lights roam in an could have sex with the city
Or-gasms, when the law passed 'em
In a four passenger
Raw stashed up in the door in the dash
I was haulin' ass try' to floor the gas
Whats the fastest way to Harlem
Aye, drink spillin' head feelin'
Like the fan on the ceilin'
While they hands went millin'
On the time clock, no dry spots, when you sittin'
Not when haters sweatin' every check that I'm gettin'
Love from the b*tches and respect by the n*ggas
So the steps gettin' bigger
While the decks gettin' Bic'er
I cut through the rhythm
This is poetry in motion
Try to underhand me but I keep overdosin'
On this life I live, I love, I laugh
Tryin' to hold it together, who hugs me back
The Po' feeling lo but the Rugby match
While he drugged through the trap
Where it sucks to be black
The hungry get tough feed back
On the streets, where I eat, bread crumbs in the track
You got to follow the pot holes the punch in the map
Being from where I'm at
Where I hung my hat
...and this is the part when
Music up in the corners try'na find parkin'
Walk inside the club and it's feelin' like ????
300 fans when they see me go retarded
Early on pouring liquor out for the departed
Since they hit the bottle now I find out what they chargin'
I can feel the money and I came to get it started
Like to welcome you all to the Fastest Way to Harlem

[Hook] (Nia Lael)

I'm Livin' for it
(Fastest Way to Harlem)
This the life the life
(Harlem is the life)
Oh Yeah, we here
(Caught up in the stardom, we're not promised a tomorrow
So we're livin' for tonight)

[Verse 2]

"Only thing gettin' laid is a hit"
I'm married to the game and I'm Hitch
My maiden name don't exist
It's Loaded in this b*tch
I'm takin' all comers Checkin' names off a list
You lames need a lift
And what goes up comes down, then raise champagne to the ditch
So when I'm in my grave, engrave it in script
That I did it 'til the tomb 'til I'm back in the womb
Hip Hop forever man I age like the Moon
Turn back the page on the tune
Fade to the goons
Two drink minimum saloon
The boy been bad but they went and got Loon
Big L did it, then Mase went in, Cam' had a vision
Jim set his business, no matter how it fell Juelz was in position
Saw the way in out Jae got his Millz ticket
Head to get a round trip vitals on his visit
Every body played there hand, Whose deal is it
Loaded don't fumble but, lyrics I spill it
Got a gully full of Henny but I'm bout to just ??? and

And this feels like
What movies on reels are like
But this is my real life
I'm livin' to kill the night


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