Loaded Lux

"Rite (Rmx)"

My vision gettin' clearer
I'm lookin' in the mirror
I'm sayin' to myself: "That's a fly n***a."
Harlem is the city
Got all my n***as with me

You know that they get busy (Let's ride, n***a!)
Dah, dah, daditty dah dee dah, daditty dah dee day
You n***as know I'm hot, right?
Dah, dah, daditty dah dee day, daditty dah dee day
You tryin' to take my spot, right?

[Verse 1: Loaded Lux]
Play the bench, the starters is stayin' in
My thinkin' cap on, I'm 'bout ready to raise the brim
Been bathin' in the money so, honey, the famous win
I got enough fans, ain't lookin' to make a friend
Bad news for n***as with rap moves
The facts prove I'm way up in the stat pool
If cash rules, the bread good, then you fast food
Thought I left but I'm right on 'em like tattoos
Mirror on the wall—who's the flyest of all?
Maybe the monologue or fancy designer clothes
Buyin' out the bar for baby behind the bar
So you can tell them n***as retire, I'm on my job
They want me as a martyr, drop the hem on a mama
R.I.P. out to Huddy and light a candle for Harlem
Bring the n***as that knew me and b*t*hes that love me truly
100 bands in the box and bury me in my Gucci
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