Loaded Lux

"You Can"

[Verse 1: Loaded Lux]
Young n***a coming up fast, but a kid at heart
Twisted dark fantasies, plan to be livin' large
Mama card, EBT, need her to stick along
Old heads couldn’t lean on a n***a, like Mr. Clark
50 cards, you jokers can’t get involved with the mob
World ugly, but love me, them pretty cars
More money, more problems – I love Biggie part
My dreams puffy, my weed fluffy, my Henny dark

It’s start scrape, but I make it with God’s grace
Young n***a, hard face, try get up off moms place
One man band, gon' need me garage place
Unless you wanna see what’s inside the guitar case

When you find the girl you love has gone
You ask yourself why life must go on
You beg your Lord above
To send someone your way
But deep inside you pray
Oh, He'll bring her back someday

[Verse 2: Fred The Godson]
Went from birds to surpassing dimes, livin' it up
Bet your girl against my girl a coke bottle, I put seven up
Hell down, Heaven up, kept my head high
They paying so I started weighing, family ask Fred why
Answer, "Why not?"
They getting money cross the street, n***a, why watch?
I need a fly watch
I need a b*t*h to sit with me inside the sky box
And me with yellow shades, looking like cyclops
We dream and wish it becomes vivid
Good turnaround, I could tell you 'bout it cuz I lived it
And live it, no there’s no 'ed' on the second one
My family need me, so believe me the best is yet to come
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