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Loaded Lux

"That’s My sh*t"

[Intro: (Shaq) and Loaded Lux]
(Loaded Lux)
(Shaq Diesel)
(We goin' make sure you get this work)

I work, you know it
Get work, you know it
I work, you know it

[Verse 1]
Who me?
Who you? A Gang, baby that's my crew
I said I'm back to the game, I do, I do
Oh yeah baby, this what I do
Said we good, how about you?
You got a story let me high true
Ain't crip, Damu no Ken, Ryu
I'm [?] clique b*tch my crew n*gga know that

[Hook] x2
That's my sh*t, that's my sh*t oh
Said that that's my sh*t n*gga, that's my sh*t oh
They gonna get this work
That's my sh*t, that's my sh*t
You playing n*gga that's my sh*t
I said you plan baby, that's my sh*t

[Verse 2]
Act like I tried to get the clothes off shorty
n*ggas in the jail know old boy's story
Home boy could've been a cokeboy probably
Fans running in on a dope boy party
Frontline n*gga for the gold and the glory
Crying in back like them hoes on Maury
Back to the start with the clothes off shorty
Getcha in the end, n*gga I'm so naughty
Smart like get it
You bullsh*t on the mic, n*gga Cartwright pimpin'
I was in the dark night hidden
Supposed to start livin' like the dark knight vision
Hit the charts, I'm sprinting
Do it for the star life-living
First hard white used to whip us
Now all a n*gga wanted is hard white whippin'

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
Live with your man, I don't call at the 12
Sent her a text he me back on my cell
She think she a diva like Patty Labelle?
Get her her shoes her bag or her nails
Up in DC with my n*gga Fat Trel
Back of my trail off the track a Darell
I'm sending you battle rap n*ggas to hell
Was illegal, called Diesel, Big Shaq got the bail
That green loaded, shut down Chi-town, Shaq he know it
Came home boss, I hear the doors they going Maybach in Otis
Big payback, they owe us
This that track unqouted
I sit back, decode it
I'm the one when the game 'gonna jack me, owe it

[Hook x2]

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