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Loaded Lux

"Hard Times"

sh*t I you know where we from
We always looking for the hustle
You're no trying to recheck the heck
That ain't gonna get it, get it

[Verse 1: Loaded Lux]
Said it was hard times in the ghetto seeing mom's tired
God mind but the n*gga got to guard mine
Reflected steering in the section of the chalk line
The star died, ambulance they response time
Apartheid put these Reeboks on the shelf
His daddy ain't go to hustle how we got any help
Soldiers still in the struggle stories we got out to tell
I'm headed back down to thrilla RIP all I can sell
People can be confusing, I free my mind with this music
While I got freedom to do it
We can use it for pursuing and need to see improving
Keep it moving, cause we ain't come this far to lose it
How could the Judas, turn around and be Jesus
Good and bad on both shoulders and I'm in the cross between it
Being my eldest left me, only leaders was Pepsi
Tryin to leave but the streets won't let me

Hard times in the ghetto
Every other day n*gga running from the devil
Tryna live life on a whole 'nother level
Seeking kids up so you know I keep them medal
Cause it's Hard times in the ghetto
Every other day n*gga running from the devil
Tryna live life on a whole 'nother level
I only do the best so you know I never settle

[Verse 2: Trae]
Never thought I would make it, demons respected
Anything I love would take it
But tale it coming up a young n*gga
Dreamed and try to fly like Micah
Like once the devil knew
He'd be in the sell and I'd be in the living will
My sisters in the coffin they needed me but I feel
Mama steal to provide for me and my youngest brother
Watch I there my n*ggas get murdered instead of taking cover
I used to celebrate holidays but no longer now
See as a psycho n*ggas hustle to get out the hood
Wait for you to make it I was some I still misunderstood
It's the perception of a lost n*gga that lead you crazy
Real n*ggas outnumbered so every days is like we crashing
They call me Genocide but me I say I'm feeling right


[Verse 3: Loaded Lux]
White mans hustle, black man struggle
Whether the chunk the tax man cut through or pack man 'cuff you
Trying to make these racks do double attract new trouble
It's hard times, they'll show you for a fact who love you
I tell you what you need to know, what you be here for
Can you apply that in yo weekly flow, you need the dough
And grinding and my people know and evils close
As its ever been these n*ggas don't know who they betting against
Heaven sent to the center of the earth, watch me work
From the bottom they got'em in the dirt, on my worth
Shining just like a diamond every verse in reverse
Replying for the life I know I deserve, they say I'm cursed
We love the Ads in T.V. that breed the lust for cash
Bucket full of crabs all can grab
Take all of the debt, forward it to the stress



This go to everybody out there surviving through the struggle
Who took a fall and bounced back
All my n*ggas all paper
All my n*ggas all locked down
Everybody get it going

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