Loaded Lux

"Loaded Lux vs. Charlie Clips"

[Round 1: Loaded Lux]
Smack, is you ready? Charlie, is you ready, handsome?
Charlie, Charlie, are you real?
When the make believers wanna make you a believer
In a room full of dream chasers that started chasing the dreamer
Oh, this gonna be a nightmare

I got to wake you from me, bruh
As fake as can be, but I know you ain't gone just stand in this ring
To be layin' here beat up

My man said, "Charlie comin' to fight."
sh*t, I would think he would need to
As much flack as you got from not being in LA with them sneakers

Nah, he ain't gonna be slippin'
Well, sh*t, I ain't gonna play with you neither
In fact, I'm gonna say some things
And I really could care less how you take to them either
Think I'm just showin' up with these Wrestlemania features
Smell what I'm cookin'? n***a, I will rock your eye

Lookin' to box the five, and you ain't gotta pay Little Caesars
Did y'all know he can walk amongst the tombstone?
Tonight, home slice, and this ain't for no pizza
You can say I'm a preacher, a Panther, Rich Porter, a YMCA dancer
Whatever, they gonna laugh, you entertainin'
I just figured: in the age where trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers, don't sendin' a message take a certain number of characters to explain it?

Like how me, myself and I already dangerous but schizophrenic
You with a Harlem hustler that will black out
With the shotguns on the stages

I'll kill you in front of Mom, free of charge
And then pay for your whole funeral arrangements

Goddamn it, you bet I'm back
Chuck, you the one that shoulda suited up for this
n***a, you forever slacks

You coulda got prepped for that, it helps to match
Do it for your Vines, see where I address you at
Look at grand mama boy tied, I'ma go at his neck for that
Bow ties, bean pies… yeah, you could rebuttal that

Yeah, they say you a good n***a, I fought greater
All labor boss, on paper you a 4th grader
All you do is take a dope line or a gun bar
Then you just reference that with a sports player, you short paper

Fat boy, you couldn't get down with me with Rick Ross' trainer
Just ‘cause you got tits, brah
Don't mean you be thinkin' in broad layers
Come on, player, it's in the talk
Scratch that, it's in the walk
You gotta look at how the bootleg cut
If you copy that, this Clips a fraud, picture's off
Who you are really in your bars, n***a?
‘Cause I know you for bein' soft, not for flippin' hard

Now you this n***a with attitude, just ‘cause Tre chillin' with a cold block don't make him Cube, don't get me wrong
Yeah, you a boy in the hood with a job
If your man deal heavy I feel worried they kick the door
You tell him where the pills buried
See, you not the dope boy that you think you are

I'm just pokin' holes in him
Y'all probably couldn't relate to this
Besides, Hollow showed me you wouldn't be good with a business relationship
Sike I lied… how you lettin' n***as just take your sh*t?!

What's crazy is if I break up with people ‘cause we didn't get along
I know when to pass the baton in this human race we in
You can't tell that to a n***a without a car
Just him and his T-Mobile, the minute you roll over
He tryin' to play you like a sim
They was him, all the ex-producers and the managers
Plannin' to be in my top-five Fave Friends
Then they find out they ain't got drive for the long run
That's when they came to sprint, but this a marathon we in
The family still here, my whole pack at the thriller

Lil' one, my mama, I'm ridin' with a backseat full of killas
We on our way to Lenox
I wish a funny-ass actin' n***a would make a move
But you ain't never been stiller

Still I told my dog I can't let this cat sh*t on the litter
Wreck and tangle my circle of life
The world is round, you could kill me now
How am I gonna flat leave my n***as?
Even Realer Live hit my jack late
He said, "Yo, man, he just came through the hood with Goodz ramblin', how you manage handle it?"
I said, "Chill, he just feelin' you out. It's good, he panickin'."
This is what happens when
These n***as get creatively famished and can't manage it
Their mental feeds be fishin' because they ain't bred for this type of meet, but you could hook up the sandwiches

I mean look, you got whatever advantages, could be damages
Standin' in your lobby I'm thinkin' how he
Put his rounds together, that's a sign
That n***a outty, I've been plannin' this
I rap circles around a body, n***a, you lucky, it could be bandages

My youngin tried to get the hammer in
I said, "Wow, that type of time he ain't on, you way off."
You talk that hustlin' sh*t n***a, but bacon the only strip you ate on
I don't know why you call yourself Clips
n***a, you got your name wrong
I bet the last name he drew on a n***a he had Crayons

The fake n***as you gotta pray for
I'm not gonna preach to him, he no disciple

Just indecisive, you got a right to question what I might do
After that last one we had to fight through
But here's where I break the cycle, in case you feel delightful
That moment Mook hit me I got a bit more insightful
I love my people, but some n***as, they just ain't gon' like you
You can't give your life to
Malcolm read the scripture, hopin' he got the picture
But the only one you remember is at the window with the rifle

Have faith, ‘cause you in here with the meanest
n***a, and we gonna need you to mean it
Lately you come around
But you ain't never got three this completed

Everybody's DNA structure is different
But he not me of the screenin' – I'm genius
That gray hoodie Lux who lines vibe smooth, fuels with crime rules
Why lose? I'm comin' to win like a typhoon
Fine tune, every bar with a gun, high noon
In the field raisin' on a n***a like dry prunes
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