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Loaded Lux

"Loaded Lux vs. Lonzoe Young"

I want you to know the power of the Underground
We [?] fight alone, just as we used to in those days
Alright. Just like we used to do

[Verse 1: Lonzoe Young]
I'm determined to terminating the tournament
And turn the tables on these termites
That like to bite my terms
And if it cost to be the boss
And the skills sharpening
Imma rape the game
I wonder how much that bill cost be (Bill Cosby)
'Cause I wouldn't care if the answer was nope
But even if you were a Catholic Pope
You couldn't touch the kid
But put me up against the toughest
If the man a shark
Imma turn him into a Blue Dolphin if he can't handle bars
I'm a master with a plan
Just to be a better rapper than Saran
And it's near to be clear!
Gotta watch your back across the tracks
Because it's stuffed with danger
Dudes are really camping with the K's for the money baby
I'm more than average
Causing the damages
I do it big
You do little
But you can't talk to this animal
Ruthless in Houston
More harmful than an Afghan
No heroes coming up
So n*ggas was robbin' with a bat, man
Judge throw 'em 40 for armed robbery
Obviously, all of these con-artist need to form into farm harvesters
And duck the pigs while chasing chicken with ya .40 cal
Hardly father figures, our P.O.P.S., couldn't hold it down
It's all good though (Goudeau) like Donna because "Momma I luhh you."
Bar for bar, we'll go to war like Obama's republic
But f*ck it. My structure so ruckus, no need to bust ya Nina
From a region where people have more guns than free men
These fibs got these kids misguided
If he say he tote choppas like Osama, he been lied then
A sovereign of southern rappers
A suffering succotash clash classic attachment from
Harlem to Houston
I'm charged with fuel like a Chevron
Now my old chick is gassed up 'cause now she see her ex on
But I throw shells at her mobile
Because I call shots
Imma have 'em all shocked
Get 'em!

[Verse 2: Loaded Lux]
Real portrayed get you a Darrell [?]
'Cause Tommy didn't come up like Tharrell
We fightin' from a cell with the love strong
He write his mail like it's in braille
I felt every word that he touched on
Why you make it hard the way you are
Style wild ruthless, loud music on the cable cars
Takin' ours, even ones. That don't make no sense at all
Thanking God that he daughter wanna date a star
Take the job!
Wasn't even in his plot
Just tryna find himself he got a maze at the top
Gettin' paper of the rock
Scissorhands with the cut
What man? Jingo couldn't take him off the block
Let me rock, uh
While I'm breathin' cause they gon' need this
So meanin' it, you gon' leave it
Make 'em feel what you believe in, with [?] reason!
For every line in my rhyme, I'm punchin' on the clock every time

[Verse 3: Lonzoe Young]
I'm running out of time, I think the clock is back
The only two things that's on my mind is my stock and caps
Running out of time biologically
Diabolical prophecies, concealed unfulfilled
Uncle Phil couldn't fill these shoes, such incredible size
Ahead of my time
Like I'm a Bezel that shines
But I'm straight
Like a quarter to 4
That's all that she wrote
Like an emoji heart on my post

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