Loaded Lux

"Loaded Lux vs. Arsonal"

[Round 1: Loaded Lux]
Peace King Disrespectful
But sh*t talkin' don't make you no dope rapper
Now, now, now yeah we know you done got you some stature
I can see that, we opened the books, now I'll be closin' the chapter
When you send 'em to the front line but they get it backwards
I'm not like most is (Moses), cause if you ain't read (Red) I can still split a C (sea) apart
When the snake don't turn and stick with the staffers
What's a stature to the rapture?
A ratchet n***a gettin' fixed, this a fracture
I was a Panther I did the pastor
I wouldn't know, beatin' everythin' sin say (sensei) don't make you no master
This what he after?
Initially casin' me on the low
Now he got some capital you think you the alpha, bet
But you owe mega (Omega) and the house come to collect
You know it's about respect
This eighth, he started out hangin' with a- well I got news (noose) for him it's goin' out on his neck
And it's goin' out on the net n***a
When a favor turn into a charity bout to the death
Aye Jersey, y'all only support him cause y'all gotta
Him and Ray, Charles, they don't see y'all when they got them bands and they movin'
Whole 24/7, it ain't one shot of y'all, not a land in the viewin'
I could see it be for protection, look how random the crew is
And he went truant, ain't even true what he draw the van with the students
Sayin' what you're soupin', when a n***a souped up..til the Sandman gotta swoop in
He hoopin' but the man need improvement
I go interiors where they decorate him and get the Raymour & Flanigan movin'
You standin' here stupid
All this Hollywood chicken you get
Back to the hood lookin' like he can't dance to the music
Roscoe Jenkins in here actin' like he too good for the family reunion
Handsome what is ya doin'?
Your movements look fear based like that time [?] had you rappin' in back of the staircase
Yet you was scared straight n***a
All day and you couldn't even wish me a happy Father's Day?
I swear you show your love in a weird way
Instead you gon' be up here talkin' 'bout my work, ya showin' off for ya friends
You didn't have to sneak me into Career Day
Why they can't ever rap at me straight, you know?
They gon' come up here personals, angles and jokes
They gotta force they names into the conversation of GOAT
We'll go wit it
I rap, I touch my nostrils, they sayin' it's coke
Or maybe it's dope
Cause every time I'm in a Smack lineup they nose, I crack his head, come get this smoke n***a
Can you smell the incense?
Aww baby, the Asiatic black man's back hand, back healin' business
What is this?
I imagine you think that's why I booked this Kung-Fu Kenny look
Not at all
This just cause I came to cook my dawg (dog)
No offense, but will he (Wile E) Coyote Ugly a friend?
Bar shots Above The Rim
2Pac, Birdie roll, run and go stop when he meet me (meep meep) I got to drop
And I'm goin' loonie (Looney) wit it, n***a Tune in
You 'bout to get tuned up a bit
Construction kit
They was pumpin' you gas, guzzlin' like diesel, you fit to be truckin' in
That's car troublin', drive strugglin'
Look what happens when you tryin' to line up your connect and the Wi-Fi bufferin'
Y'all sufferin'
The divine spark back thunderin'
[?] watch (Watts) happenin' to his functionin'
I mean with this little punk ass Pay-Per-View charge that I'm up against
You can't be a live wire, still dyin' in ya hood on ya cable
They gettin' stuck again
Oh cause (cuz) you thought you was set when they jumped you in
Monkey wrench, this is battery
I got to sock it (socket) to him on his own outlet, let me plug him in
Dead China man in the trunk, tuck a Chin n***a
Or risk (wrist) watchin' and get clocked work when I'm punchin' in
Let's rumble then
Once again you here, lucky him
f**kin' when I can't trust this since he made it us and them
Aye Harlem you know everyday they be hustlin'
Then Raw say, "Don't forget about lil' bruh and them."
So I treat it like the man a kin to me (mannequin)
But you really a doll baby
Chucky for a friend will back stab you after you cut him in
You can tailor made, look where his money went
For me to custom whip it up for him to let him model it
b*t*h n***a ya not followin'
You ain't hip to it?
That's when I'ma come around
And waste (waist) him with the belt on the line, that'll buckle him
You chucklin'?
Ars, run your lips, with your voice up
All boisterous
Little boy stuff
What he on
But bars? Every time I hear yours they be off
So maybe you should already be gone
What you lost n***a?
"I kick your mother down the steps, ah shot your daughter around her neck
Hit her with Spongebob clarinet"
We talkin' BARS? Or Ars'?!
"I'll kill ya dead daddy twice, bring him back to life
f**k ya mother in his casket, have Lux bring it." Nice
But we talkin' Bars? Or Ars'?
Let me escort ya
If I got to give you this food for thought through a feedin' tube
I bet he remember who taught ya (torture)
Aye, this one gon' be a scorcher
This Miyagi drawin' down on Daniel-san block
I could've worked with you on your jump shot
He went another route, I'm comin' out
These bars, beatin' him like a drunk pops
You a Blood and you trust cops
Ya fake ass probably got butt shots n***a
You can't say nothin' about a Harlem n***a snitchin'
While you out here tellin' n***as business you do business wit
Oh ya girly, this what he picked up on his travels, huh Jersey?
You all over the place baby
So what n***a? I'm other worldly
In other words, I'll whirl him into a hole, now that's cold
But I want him to feel the shakes when I'm comin', Big Shirley
n***a seriously
Aye this n***a couldn't tell a vision (television) til I first show up
That's pilotin'
King Roscoe, ya culture roach
He buggin' in here tryin' to wing it wit me
Don't get fly for them
You old camp food n***a
Who kept the fire lit?
I'm the embodiment of body strength
And I've got it by the length, width, how to get it outta limits, I can send it
You're now present with the cosmic gift
f**k your accomplishments
And all these n***as who sponsored it
The monitors
Now watchin' it
Pure consciousness vs common sense
I'm confident
I can't tell your conscious that I'm your consequence
It's cognitive
And yours ain't at a level that comprehend
I forbid
These sciences, I train wit inside the gym
I put pain in, you can't trade shade with a shot of Jim
That's blindin' him
He caught the fade whenever got a glimpse of the lights
The way they hit the ring loud it's no bell (Nobel)
But everything I pull it surprisin' (Pulitzer Prize) him
I am him
This is new work and it ain't friendly
But I know every time y'all [?] it ain't me
But y'all treat me like royalty, look how they feed Grapes to the king
Where's the loyalty?

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