Loaded Lux

"Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don"

[Round 1: Loaded Lux]
Power to the people, we back to do maintenance
Yeah, yeah, we gon' rock like crack when it came in
You know, this work hard as the Latin invasion
For black entertainers
Hollow! Glad you could make it… it’s just sad he won’t make it
At these tapings, they don’t even show the show dancers
Turn pro trans to respect to the session bein' close-camera'd
Look at this, another future know-it-all with no answers
Past catches up to him present day — look, nana!
We got another kid with a gift just found out that there’s no Santa

Afraid they never calculate the mistake they about to make
Any time you get gassed up to get traffic
Well, it’s obvious you gon' break, n***a

I’m talkin' to a dead man at his wake
This is a interview with a vampire, you don’t know that high stakes
Will take his life out of place, I eradicate, then create
But the gun makers the mind that combine that we brung tanks
I don’t know what they must think
I’m out of verses or the hearse is out of trunk space

But you a petty drug case, cupcake
This ain't front like you front weight

I hate n***as who pump fake
And you've been givin' shots, you gon' play drunk date
Blind and find that there’s some states that's unsafe

They have holes in defenses to jump the gate
What could you do?
I'd have thought your retorts or your rebuttals through
Data for this match-up you probably was runnin' to
It just, it just ain't the same backup when it’s in front of you

(Forget it, I got a tonload for him!)
You know what I come and do, you know who they came to see
You books you're a showman

It’s not as much about my opponent as the look I’ma go with
Soldiers, for the glory, who do we put in our moments?

Well, it’s a fight in the ring
I can’t picture the Don king, but he good for promotion

I wanna put it in motion, put it in motion
I like aggravation on faces attracted to bein' famous
This is an art, I give you a start in imagination
Then I pick you apart like a talent agent
Clarification: my character basin' was the fall of Calicoe's greatness
"But Lux, you was wrong for puttin' the pictures up!"
sh*t, he was wrong for takin' it

I take it you see my last flick, classic
Yours? Wasn't too dazzlin'
You waved, then got wiped out, brother
Surfin' just never looked worse with you in the castin'
I was all in the entertainin' center
This n***a mama name must be Brenda with this trash sh*t

You look like a n***a in front of the deli that keep askin'
They gave it to you the first two times — oh, this a habit?
We know your story, we seen the views
A million and one times, it’s the same action
Hollow, you keep givin' us old sh*t
But what else we expect to get out the addict?

You baggage, lot of trouble in the vein
I heard you and Drake was tight
Turns out you’re munchin' off the name

Pictures of y'all at dinner, he showed the public that he came
Well, he put it in his albums too
He said: "Thank me later, take care," then nothin' was the same!

I expose you n***as in rap collisions
Loyalty Over Money? That’s suspicious
Wasn't it just NYB to the death? Last edition
Oh, the numbers just keep disappearin': this Math magician

Has befriended everything about New York
The Texas slang, the drinkin' lean
The swangin' on a mutherf**kin' train

Yeah, the fastest way is the A, it’s a level in which I usually train
You in the grave 'cause the payin'
And removin' the stain through the exchange

I square off for every root in your frame
Why else would a king be pawn shoppin'? This for human remains

New York versus New York
Oh baby, this home cookin' lookin' like grandma's

I keep tellin' you Hollow fans
To stop thinkin' a Hiro ain't just a sandwich

You gotta talk to 'em like they daddy’s little girls
What you want with this n***a that keep goin' back to jail?

Did that time behind enemy lines make the family proud?
Did […] pal your man ain't got it
You hand-washin' a n***as hand-me-downs?
Another top tier n***a tearin' on the top tier
When they tearin' your bottom out
like nana gown
But you lightnin' with the jab, but the footage can’t be found
You stole who, cupcake?
You ain't gonna take nothin' but your panties down

You no different from a maid dryin' the laundry
And this guy locked and confined
I mean, you was just hangin' out in the yard
Now your spot's on the line, n***a

Alright, hold on, I’ll mourn him
Yeah, 12 told me get on that track and exploit him
I was runnin' around the battle scene, lookin' for freezer storage
Yeah, I called you out, keep ignorin'
That’s why you ain't even see this comin'
Actin' like you ain't see me callin', n***a

Are you a left winger or a set banger?
Excuse me, don’t confuse me, your new gear dirty, n***a
You couldn't clean up round a pack of Mexican painters
Your closet for Kanye would be a death chamber
You wouldn't know fly sh*t in a jet hangar
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