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Loaded Lux


[Verse 1: Loaded Lux]
Everything healthy
Case I gotta bring it to her, GT, might get the shelby
It must sting (Mustang), know you felt me
You still out here doing what you told
What could you tell me?
Well, then let it be known
You talking my language, I'm rocking; Rosetta Stone
I'm dead ass, that's my word, I'm in my zone
They gonna need to get right or get left alone
Now, hold up, you know I run this like an outbreak
You're funny with the money ain't no outtakes
You n*ggas out here playing with the struggle
Sometimes, I think your haters really love you
Got some [?], look alive for ya test
Before they put your drive in a protest
From Harlem baby, we know how to hustle
I'm 'bout to make this single, make it double

[Chorus: Loaded Lux]
Ooh, that thing healthy
Paper bag with the green, I'ma ring it up like house keys
Who got that healthy?
Whole clique up in the flick, got the crew all in my selfies
Ooh, that thing healthy
Who got that healthy?
She open, gettin' it in, girl jinglin' like house keys
Ooh, that thing healthy

[Verse 2: Loaded Lux]
Everything healthy
They've been singling me out, I'm bout to drop another LP
You've been coming out your mouthpiece
Up in your bars taking shots, we gonna line you like alki's
Big mama couch, PY get up in her house sheets
How's she trippin' with that kid it ain't no outreach
I don't cheat, Twizzy roll a 50 blunt on South Beach
Sour face but it's haze like a south beat
See what rappers made up, I came up
Going stupid on your stage fronts, you know, don't play dumb
I made one, boy you might know killers but you ain't one
Your next was my "ex" n*gga, deuces to your main one
Pistol weigh a tank, you're talking that talk
I'ma keep it tall baby, we don't take shorts
No, we don't take off, yeah I'm a main boss
The truth and I can (Anakin) hit you with so much Force


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