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Loaded Lux

"“About The Money” Free.Style"

[Verse 1: Loaded Lux]

Let me get this mix up clear
That's a bare faced lie tell the truth you dare
I push careers to the rear
I'm finna' pop like jets in the air in ya ear

Let it..


You like it I love it
The cameras is clickin' when we in the public
Stunt like the Fortune 500
They frontin', they killin' they budget
Road got rough but the man ain't scuff my soul
Road got rough but the man ain't scuff my soul (baby)

[Verse 2]

But figure switch stations
I run the type of footage you can win the race with
I've been nice since as long as B.E.T. had Tigga tapin'
Or his picture taken
My only regret I ain't never get to kill Tha Basement
You fin' to wind up like a Jamaican
You makin' me, wanna show what I've been savin'
Its safe until..I find out the combinations
Behind the placements casin' your operation
Where you hibernatin'...
Its amazing!
You try'n find out who at the banquets?
I'm try'n find who these n*ggas bank wit'
Livin' dangerous, with the language
A linguist, all english with the ink pen
Scared rappers run 'em off, I do screen print
Y'all know I'm in that ring, them Brothers Ringling
Yeah okay I fell in love, well how her jeans fit
Married to the game don't throw the rice I eat the wings with
I've been thinkin' you n*ggas won't, you on the ropes
Gettin' popped, they gave me a shot, guess who in the scope!
You would hope that it wasn't true
Not that I got a shot, but that it was you?
Man what to do
That Ace's Click is in this b*tch you know how fam do
Shout to that homey Max B I got a grand crew "Ow"
Y'all know how my man do
Plus I heard it from every chick that I ran through
My handle's...


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