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Loaded Lux

"Talk To Em"

[Intro: UTK]
Yeah I started from the bottom, I'm a end up at the top
Cause I, talk to em, talk to em, talk to em

[Verse 1: UTK]
You say I'm the best and I give you a lesson and show you I stay humble
But n*ggas keep hating I'm bout to say f*ck it I don't wanna play no more
My n*gga Solo he told me don't say no mo' cause we controlling the words so just wait on it
n*ggas debating my ratings, I bet they be late on they payments
They checks got mistakes on it
The way that my bank account set up , you swear that the numbers look fake on it
But that ain't yo business my n*gga I really didn't ask for yo take on it
I'm bout to head to the house with the lake on it, bet I be killing n*gga
We can shake our b*tches getting naked I'mma have to break em off within in a second
Never hesitating I'm the type of n*gga bringing innovation for a generation, like a dedication
I remember when these n*ggas wouldn't make it with they mediocre rap, they wouldn't play it
On the radio, perhaps they making payments
n*gga I done seen it, then they wanna blame us
For not being famous, don't know what my name is
I ain't on the A-list, so let me change it

Try to rearrange it, show the picture that I'm painting
Shining on them when it's raining n*gga I don't make it rain
I keep my sh*t up in the bank I'm riding on the court
Ok that's how a n*gga really think and I'm just real enough to say it
Got a feeling I don't change it, realizing everyday
A n*gga living in a dream, you could pinch me I'm awake
I live forever in the day, I'm putting everything
And everything I say I'm making sure I'm not repeating, yes I'm [???] and said what's up?

Yeah I started from the bottom and I'm a end up at the top
Cause I, talk to em
Now that I got the momentum I'm never gonna stop
Cause I, talk to em
Lotta homies still in it, lotta homies shot dead on the block
Still I, talk to em, talk to em, talk to em

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
Fast life, slow motion, these days I'm so, let me get it
Look, n*ggas in my face like I ain't pay 400 for the shades
Like, I ain't pay 400 for the top of the line tree
That's kinda like YG, I just wanna party
Who you moving? You and what army?
Young n*gga you armless, that's an amputee
Let me talk to em
Mad the wave, just know to talk to em
Know the ledge, know the land and I know what I'm doing
UTK these n*ggas moving backwards with it
I should had the K to you, n*gga get savage with it, bad decision
You know we tryna push this peace
Push come to shove, n*ggas get shoveled 6 feet, deep
You underdig, you dead meat
Some wanna dead me for the hell of it, heaven sent
Breathe in and breathe out and breathe in again
Let me show you n*ggas how we represent
Top Dawg mob b*tch, a ghetto champion
Lemme show your chick, no lease on the whip, no
Been giving n*ggas the blues since Kickback
With the jello shot to the head, no
These days I'm so, let me get it look, fast life, slow motion

Yeah I started from the bottom and I'm headed for the top

[Verse 3: Loaded Lux]
These days I'm so focused
Wrote this opus on the train in motion
To drain most of my sustained emotion
Focused, I been waiting, hoping
I been waiting, notice I been patient with my open case
And momma I been thinking, Father I been praying
Hating conversation but I overstated
Who's that's on your station? Maybe your replacement
Jason Vorhees while you wait by the trees
When you sparked in the darkness, came in with the breeze
Are you speeding for reasons unknown
He's in a league of his own
Leave him alone but don't leave him too long
Skills on the skillet, hot I heat the zone up
Like a demon home what the hell
That's all cause he cold boy bad with the god flow though
Though he ain't got another own, shorty on his own, that's harsh
Speaking from the prison phone, that's bars
Sorrow, I never liked ball for the profit of them all
Got to school but who the shooter gon' follow? it's the principle
sh*t even killers got malls. What you n*ggas knew?
Beetle juice, beetle juice, beetle juice
They even using needles to enable use
To reproduce and a n*gga used, we gotta get focused, sh*t is true
Oh we so focused

Yeah I started from the bottom and I'm headed for the top
Cause I, talk to em, talk to em, talk to em

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