Loaded Lux

Don Demarco


The pitfalls of waking up with limp balls
Fog filled halls
Tall men with menthol
Withdrawal. Who want the smoke?
I'm tenfold, your 10 fall
Swear he gon give his all
And fear make a n***a small
Mall cop, playing action hero get you back to 0
RIP tee's, tatted murals, weirdo
Jada Pinkett, I hear Willow
And with it the (?) you gotta (?)
Cause I'm gon get them n***as who got away
Your modern day renaissance man, goddamn
Well your lifespan depends on a plan
And my circle on tornado
Strong, they notice the breeze
And no hurry to the cane but we gon win all we can
You with the band. Who you playing with?
Say that sh*t, you gon lay it then
Shaky text got Nix'ed, '86, Nix wasn't sh*t
Or maybe it was just I hated the mix
n***as be all in the Kool-Aid, but never in the mix
I'm just--some rapper, yup
Visible vernacular
'Member n***as used to laugh at us
Now we hit their women backing up
I'm my own man, bachelor
Move the people like a trafficker
Don't be the next sucker n***a in a casket that ain't Dracula
Flip the bread like a spatula
Rich chick, but I practice her
Don't know why the best head from the chicken-heads and the ratchet ones
But ask yourself
How could I do anything with (????)
Like stick and move, like rob a n***a like some wing(?) denim
'Cept the beam get em or the cemetery
Competition never looked this scary
Don't be worried but you look weary
All around you if you looking where we at
What you sipping, Yak?
What you sniffing, coke?
You ain't ask Molly? You ain't know we dope?
If I'm in the ring then you on the ropes
Bell ring, anybody home?
Maricons, adios
Then my body rose
I'm in tune with the chi
No Wayne, no Hollygrove
A hour in it then it's vamanos
Polk-a-dot, that's dominos
Baby I got billion dollar goals
Make it look like a hobby though
True fear, they be lying though
I'm on point like a rhino
Wheel power, I been riding out since about GT Dynos
Young n***a not dying though
Who did it hella fine though?
Money talks, it's the guy code
Black, white, albino
Let bygones be bygones
Yeah we can get it n***a, why no?
Knew a holy man that knew a slower man that once learned something from a (?)
Realest sh*t I've never written
Back when I used to freestyle
I just got a moment
Time is money in the meanwhile
Hit the Go button, no Robitussin
Man I know the function, n***as slow and struggling
Focus up and get the dough
f**k a n***a, throw me something
Gotta show me something
Talking for the lawyer
She owe me one and I'mma loan it to her
Beat it up like I'm a dope producer with his holy ruler
What Holy ruler?
Man the Pope (?) in the air
Take a whiff and it's gon make you sniff
These n***as-
They the scent sweeter than a Valentine's Day gift card
With the purple hearts and the red roses and the blue violets
Picture in it with your boo smiling
Porn set and you the new talent
n***a you wilding with the label on your back
And your lady on your back
And your bills-
You done took a n***a work and ain't pay him back
Man them days I had your back
sh*t you used to do was crazy
But God, take your fools and babies

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