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Killer Mike


[Killer Mike]
I done been to hell and back and never goin back
In other words I sell it soft now, never crack
A judge'll give you time, you'll never see the streets again
And even though you said you'll never snitch on any friend
You ain't never seen the walls of a Fed pen
You ain't never seen the Brotherhood of Aryans
You ain't never seen the Mafia of Mexicans
So how the f*ck you say you'll never snitch on any men
You are scared dog, you ain't never seen that
That's why the Mexicans never deal direct with blacks
n*ggas always complain they never comin up
When they get banged they can never shut the f*ck up
n*ggas need to organize but they never will
n*ggas kill each other over rims and petty grills
n*ggas think small, trappin on a petty street
n*ggas need to think big, do a Big Meech
But you never will, and I've never lied
Why so many n*ggas follow Rule 35?
That's when n*ggas cut they time cause they testify
But rappers never tell you that because they live a lie
I have lived things I will not recover from
The taste of cocaine left my own mother numb
The bible says honor father and mother
So if you disrespect her, I'll ride on you motherf*cker
Tell 'em Mister Never Scared is on the street again
And I've sworn to God I'll never ever leave again
Sleep is set, the plug is in, it's time to eat again
And I'll feed her, never touch the trap or street again
Responded back my n*gga, I'mma murder rap
And our kids'll never ever see the street or trap
These hatin n*ggas better pray that I become a factor
Or I'mma mass up, murder all faker rappers

Grind Time rap gang
Yeah, hey, bang, bang, bang
Yeah, hey, bang, bang, bang
Hey, yeah, Grind Time rap gang
Grind Time rap gang
f*cker it's bang, bang, bang

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