Killer Mike

"Kryptonite (Remix)"

[Intro: Big Boi]
I be on it all night, man I be on it (day day)
All day straight up pimp
If you want me you can find me in da

HEY! (I'm on it)
HEY! (I'm on it)
HEY! (I'm on it)
HEY! (I'm on it)
HEY! (I'm on it)
HEY! (I'm on it)
HEY! (I'm on it)
HEY! (I'm on it)

[Verse 1: Killer Mike]

Time and time again, punk
Ho I’m back to telling you
I’m the sh*t, b*t*h
That’s it, all I’m telling you
Do not interrupt my grind
Playboy I am telling you
Or I will visit you on Monday
By Friday they smellin’ you
I be burning kryp
It take [?] to your favorite boo
B’ you see me swinging drunk
Candy paint on twenty-twos
Ridin’ in the ‘llac with the weed in the back
With the crack in the Mac and the pack in the back
Cause the Krypt on the wood
And the cruise on chrome
f**k me, I was getting my Twista on
f**k that, let me get my Twista on
I’mma burn me a zip
With a hydro grip
I buy by the pound, baby
Not by the zip
I take it outta town in the trunk of a rental
To the hotel with the pounds get flipped
If you need them grams, I’m your man
Blueberry, Amsterdam
Northern Lights; You understand?
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