Killer Mike

"This Ecstatic Cult"

[Verse 1: Lushlife]
The post-rainy day gentleman crook
The fast-talking, city-slicking, hit your betty with looks
I’m better with books and steady rocking elephant hoofs
Rolling uptown the sound, kid, irrelevant hooks
So, when you peep the flow, son
Better watch where you stand
The first five rows is cosmos alive in the jam
Man, I’m sitting on a chrome horse developing plans
To keep sands in time, still impressing the fans

Blessing the lands, of milk and honey, dap for my fam
I want the cityscape, a pretty face, on top of a grand
She’s a sewer rat
Dreams of sunlight that blew her back

Fewer cats that I know in the game be doing that
Maybe I’ll see a Phantom Tollbooth or never be back
Maybe I’ll buy a golden goose, son, I’m praying for that

Paying for that, so much I can’t say it in raps
But I’mma keep on blazing hits ‘til the sheep will come back
And people come back to see me when I’m faded away
f**k that, I hope I’m still here later today

We ought to be together
We ought to be together
We ought to be together
We ought to be together

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