Killer Mike

"So Cold"

[Intro: Cozmo]
I'm feelin' this one Q
This a classic
Pachino Life

[Verse 1: Cozmo]
These rappers is so old
Need to retire rap
f**k with young Coz, 'cause I'm where that fire at
Come walk through my home
Yeah, I'll take you inside of that
Inside my rap, still strugglin', but I know real cats admire that
I got a fam so most my time get applied to that
But I'm still hungry, see the fame, I desire that
I heard they sayin' I'm sweet now
'Cause I don't run around strapped, tuckin' that heat now
And I ain't in the mix, movin' P's and keys now
'Cause I could make a hunnit-thou, f**kin' with beats wild
You not in my ball game
You dudes is small change
Ice and a couple hoes, is that what you call fame
A lot of cats hatin' on me
But most of 'em fakin', homie
The world is debatin' on me
I got her patiently pacin' and waitin' on me
They know the flow is so butter
Rap with the soul level brother
I'm so gutter
It's no other
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