Killer Mike

"Thursday in the Danger Room"

[Verse 1: El-P]
Right for a right, wrong for a wrong
This is clearly not life's design
Figure out quickly that nothing gets answered
When you ask the universe why
Life is a journey, to live is to worry
To love is to lose your damn mind
But living's a blessing so I am not stressing
'Cause some of my friends ain't survived
Death's a release but a much bigger beast
Is a living on limited time
Like how do you look in the eyes of a friend
And not cry when you know that they're dying?
How do you feel 'bout yourself when you know that
Sometimes you had wished they were gone?
Not because you didn't love 'em
But just because you felt too weak to be strong

You couldn't bear to see someone
Who prided themselves on the strength to feel weak
The cruelty of randomness, holding for ransom
Their life and their fate and their dreams
You see that they're fighting and know that they're losing
But still you make jokes and you laugh
'Cause you know despite all the sadness
That you better get the good times while they last
Now every new word that they speak
You are already feeling like it’s in the past

And when they are gone you just try to move on
Cause the memory's hurting too bad
Grown up so much and I wonder
Who you'd've become if you stuck for a while
Just know that I love you, good friend
Ain't forget you, and when I remember I smile
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