Killer Mike

"Pew Pew Pew"

[Intro: Killer Mike]
I'm a rider and provider and I don't tolerate ho sh*t
I Bun B out on emcees meaning I obliterate yo' sh*t
Man, every time I try to like a rapper they turn and do ho sh*t
Make me ski mask on they a-a-ass, run they jewels and mo sh*t

[Verse 1: El-P]
You looking at the guy who the guy that you think that I got my style from got his own style from ('sup?)
I came with a sly wink and a sh*t grin with a pimp limp and a foul tongue
I'm a Brooklyn son, set adrift in a chemtrail sky
Bad guys knock when the doors are locked, I got no shots left, better prep for God
Not long, He'll be talkin the same sh*t, I am just impossible
Got a right to be hostile, motherf**ker life is a coffin, layin' down in it ain’t awesome
Every single moment you spend in the dirt is a worse time than the last moment, own it
We all know you don't know sh*t (no sh*t!)
Me and Mike will straight write your obit

[Verse 2: Killer Mike]
And the obit goes like this: "Here lies a punk b*t*h, real f**k boy type
Who never want sh*t, 'bout as soft as his momma's own tit"
And sensitive as his old lady's clit, real bust-out b*t*h
She f**k my clique, obscene, absurd with the words
I cleaned up curbs with the blood and the bones of you nerds
I kill with the mic and murder with words
I'm known on the corners where murders occur, I cruise in the verse where murderers lurk
When god in the building, who they gonna hurt
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