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Killer Mike

"Upset The Setup"

[Verse One: Bambu]
No surprise I'm from a gang bang culture
But we can keep it civil or pull a thang thang on ya
Southern California where the sun don't quit
And to generational gangs so son's don't quit
But immediately you see the problems that's in my city
Is secondary to what's propelling it in my city
I mean really break it down
Take poor black and brown
Educate 'em poor, take the jobs from out they town
Then inundate 'em with sedative drugs and dumb TV
Locked into a zoo and hunted daily by the police
Then you get a group of youth who know they don't belong
Then they gather up and organize and number up strong
But see the failure isn't seeing that the problem ain't the gang
It's the situation in the communities where we hang
So I'm so pro gang it might scare a motherf*cker
Cause I fix the misconception that the enemies are brothers

Bang on the setup
Bang on the setup
Bang on the setup
Upset the setup
Bang on the setup
Bang on the setup
Bang on the setup
Homie we've been setup

[Verse Two: Bambu]
I tell 'em
I went from a street gang thang
Then I joined a military Fleet Marine Force thing
From a little bitty gang in the south of Los Angeles
To dragging bodies outta they house to help our government
Who hellbent on keeping money spent on the missile
Reality's the difference between them sh*t's is little
We had the objective of arming up all the money
And they had the objective of arming up over money
And we told kids, "Join us, we the truth."
Lies about protecting our block to get recruits
Then we found out we getting killed for a hood
And we don't own a single speck of dirt on that hood
Whether in a zone down south in Decatur
Or in flatlands off of Lennox and La Brea
Or in a low rise project in Chicago
Big money come in and buy up our barrio so...

Throw you sets up
We 'bout to upset the setup
We 'bout to upset the setup
Up-upset the setup
Thr-throw your sets up
We 'bout to upset the setup
U-U-U-Upset the setup
Up-upset the setup

[Verse Three: Killer Mike]
BGF brothers, the real...Freeway Ricky Ross and Chris Dutters
I do my thang for Hoover, I represent for Fort
So my folk and my people throw they set to support
Support will mean imagine, she might say the Chi
So maybe next summer no mamas gotta cry
Cause maybe next summer nobody gotta die
Hell, even if we fail, somebody gotta try
The only way the system move, is somebody gotta lie
And the lie they told us old, they base it on your race
They separate: you black, you brown, you yellow and white face
Then we further separate by joining gangs and legislate
That our neighborhoods are now at war like we are separate states
So the police occupy our hood to keep down all the drama
So the Starbucks they just built is comfortable for soccer mamas
And American Apparel comfortable for all the hipsters
And it's zero tolerance for all you spics and you n*ggas
And you chinks and you crackers
And it ain't about who whiter and it ain't about who blacker
But the money is a factor
And the factor is the factories got moved up out da hood
When starvation is present and absent is the job
A man will simply starve, or he will form a mob
If you should form a mafia, then you should think Sicilian
Buy the hood for real, every block, every building

Every building, feed the children, gang bang
Feed the children, feed the children, gang bang, on the system

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