Killer Mike

"God In The Building 2"

God is still with me (He's still with me) [x4]

[Verse 1]
It's hot like Haiti down in Hades
The false prophet say the Lord has forsaken us black babies
To make it off a island in Mercedes
We going sell it white as Michelangelo's Christ
Babies need rice, the baby need beans
To feed our babies beans we might have to flip a bean
I have sold my people dope yet provided them with hope
Sinner and saint, yeah, I did ‘em both
Yea I sold a brick on a basketball court
And bought the uniforms for the basketball coach
Can't wash a way the blood so I put rings on my fingers
25 carats symbolize my redeemer
And my redeemer's blood is capable of taking Chris Dudus
Making him a savior of others

My God will take a Saul, fashion him a Paul
So only God can judge me and to hell with all y'all

I lift my eyes upon the hills
From whence cometh my health
Only God can judge me
And nobody else
I beat these streets to make the Devil a lie
Marching at hell to the gangster's eye
I can feel the fire still everywhere
If heaven got a ghetto I'm a make it there
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