Mensch (English Version)

Herbert Grönemeyer

[Verse 1]
Every second has a reason
As the time slides away
Changing with the season
Just following the race
No need to be final
I put my thoughts on hold
Daydreams at the water
As the tide ebbs and flows

And it’s
And it’s all ok
Take it day by day
This is summertime
There’s nothing on my mind
And man’s called man
’Cause we forgive and understand
We forget and we deny
We’re losing, still we try
‘Cause we love
‘Cause we live
I miss you

[Verse 2]
Skies blue, widе and open
Not a shade or trace of grеy
A telephone, gas, electric
Unpaid, what can I say
Let us share the silence
What on earth can occur
I am not looking for commitment
Just give me your word
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