Dorrough Music
After Party
[Verse 1]

This is what I did
Took a flight to Cali
And got my
N***a "Mustard on the beat ho"
I checked in at the hotel
Left the hotel and hit the club
Then the club got shut down
[What'd you do?]
I turned the hotel into a club


After party at the Marriott
Iced out my canary watch
[Yellow diamonds]
Hoes choose cause I'm very hot
[What'd you do?]
I just take 'em to the Marriott
From the stripclub, to the Marriott
From the liquor bar, to the Marriott
From the dance floor, to the Marriott
After party going down at the Marriott

[Verse 2]

Oh yeah, Mustard on the beat ho
It's 1:30 and I'm looking for a freak ho
I find that and it's time for a freakshow
Take that pu**y, beat it up like Debo
I met a mama at a t**ty bar
Errybody probably know her, she a city star
Me? I just wanna cut her like a guillotine
She is not my lover, call her Billie Jean {MJ}
And I hope she got a girlfriend
D**K, I deliver like the dope man
Oops, I mean deliver like the post man
Get it girl, pop that pu**y like a Coke can
I'm in the club blowing [dodo]
Drink got me [slow-mo]
Can't see sh*t like a microscopic [photo]
Too much charisma, [swag], mojo
Prime Time Click and G that's the logo

[Verse 3]

I do everything legendary
Nonfiction, y'all sh*t imaginary
We at the Hotel f**king Halle Berrys
Y'all at the crib playing Solitaire
Ya'll n***as at the crib on the internet
We in a suite smoking blunts like they cigarettes
F**king hoes with some sexy a** silhouettes
Ask anybody, Prime Time Click been a threat
Very hot
We at the Marriott
At the top, eating Pappadeaux carryout
Canary watch, {bling} [wrist glowing up]
Got a bad b*t*h and a thick chick rolling up
(Optimo's?) and extendos
Smoking weed 'til we fogging up the windows
My n***as we fam' like the Winslow's
Tonight, we going whichever way the wind blows


[Verse 4]
Rolling up weed, pouring up drank
Throwing up $1's, I got money in the bank
Tonight we going hard, hard in the paint
Rolling up weed, pouring up drank
Girl get down [get up]
What a fine a**
Got a mama taking shot from a wine gla**
And now she get loose as the time pa**
Do it fast, let me see you throw that a**
To the floor, to the
Floor (x4)
To the ground, way down (x4)
Left cheek
Right cheek (x4)
Do it girl, double time (x4)

[1/2 Hook]