Dorrough Music
What Dat Mouth Do
[Intro: BeatKing speaking]

[Hook: BeatKing]
What that mouth do? (x6)
If that mouth don't do nothing I can't f**k with you
Is it sloppy, is it sloppy
Are you shy?
Is this your first time, am I your first guy?
What that mouth do? (x4)

[Verse 1: BeatKing]
I don't want that pu**y b*t*h
Before you suck my d**k pull out them t**ties, b*t*h go off
I just want the head, get the bread, than I leave
When I'm off the nut can you go faster please?
All these b*t*hes sucking d**k, don't let these b*t*hes lie
Get her on the liquor then she deep-throat, surprise
What that mouth do is all what on a n***as mind
And that mouth may do alotta sh*t but it will never kiss mine

[Bridge: BeatKing]
All I wanna know is what that mouth do
All I wanna know is can you put on me

[Hook: BeatKing]

[Verse 2: Dorrough Music]
Keep it real with you I don't even want the pu**y
Head is all I wanted, bet you be not a rookie
Up and down move that neck b*t*h that's a exercise
Do it right and you just might get yourself a neck ma**age
[?], Texas side b*t*h I'm all of that
Just know that head weak if it don't got me calling back
Suck my d**k b*t*h, I want 30 minutes
And I don't give a f**k about you, we [?] independent

[Bridge: BeatKing]

[Hook: BeatKing]