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Lil Twist

"The motto[lil twist version]"

[Verse 1: lil twist]
Bottle after bottle, model after model
Spending all this paper like I hitin the lotto
All I know is YOLO, n*gga, that’s the motto
Lil pio told me, “Get em,” and I told him that I got ‘em
And I got ‘em every day, every day
Bad b*tch and she gon f*ck me every way, never stay
Once I hit it, then I’m dipping that-a-way, that-a-way
Young n*gga from the bottom and I never had a way
I really went from whipping 62′s to whipping 62′s
Ain’t none of my n*ggas Crip, and we giving n*ggas the blues
We buying they hoes bags, getting they b*tches shoes
You wondering why she ain’t f*cking, we winning, n*gga you lose
Yeah, I’m flexing
I pull up in a Ghost, hundred on my necklace
And all my diamonds clear, they VVS’ing
I turn into a toilet on these n*ggas, they BS-ing
Two fingers, did it on ‘em
Hold up, I really sh*tted on ‘em
I dropped Dreamchaser and I made a milli on ‘em
It don’t matter what city I’m in, I’m going Philly in ‘em
With my red P hat, n*gga you know we back
I’m going to Houston, I heard that’s where they cheap at
I done put them Percs down, think I’m ’bout to relapse
Just to give her dope di*k and ask her for some feedback
Like “Shorty, do you love this di*k?
You know who you f*cking with?”
Grab her by her weave, smack her ass like you f*cking b*tch
Don’t I talk nasty, she don’t know my government
But she gon’ get this di*k and chew me up just like some Double Mint
Check me I be jumping out the coupe, swagger through the roof
Bad b*tches waving at me, real n*ggas salute
I ain’t gotta lie, they know I’m the truth
And I ain’t gotta say I’m fly, this G5 with the crew
I’m in the air b*tch, diamonds clear b*tch
Took off my Rollie and got on some Audemeer sh*t
I hear these haters talking, but I don’t hear sh*t
‘Cause we get them bricks and stack them up just like a pyramid

Y’all n*ggas talk like b*tches do
Same n*ggas in the district giving interviews
I got killers on my team that’ll get at you
For a brick or two, really put an end to you

[Verse 2: lil pio]
Black 3 cement, sag jeans sittin -low
Effortless flow, a couple sum’n a show
Youngin is 21, we playing [?]
Probably f*ck up your budget, yea, I’m playing with numbers
Put that sh*t on whatever, we running another summer
Liquor, lot of bottles, tab – you know I got it
Spend a night up at Diamonds, ain’t tricking if you got it
Designer sh*t, though I’m modest, astonishing to be honest
Obama sh*t on my arm, a presidential, you got it?
Get your revenue popping before you ever do talk on them
n*ggas who work too hard to not show it off via flossing
Double M G harder than anything that you part of
This professional ball, the best you n*ggas
Yea I’m on that ball sh*t, boy you with that soft sh*t
‘Fore he hit the room, hear the “Vroom!” from the Porsche b*tch
“On that Yamaha, pardon me, that’s lil twist and YMCMB”
She say she is not a groupie, “I just wanna speak to them!”
You lying though, you tryna go
Apply smoke and watch the motherf*cking pride go
These little b*tches is little b*tches, we never love ‘em
To all the sisters with ambition, I see your hustle
I’m trying to go though, y’all already know though
Stepping on ‘em, they slept on us
Whoever want it, they better note that I’m so focused
A message to my opponent: they better off trying to clone us
Keep her in Chanel while your b*tch is like an L
When she out, you looking in?, all she need is like an L
That’s why I never trust a ho, no never me
I just wanna get some head, maybe ass ‘fore I leave
f*ck a beef, keep it moving, she easily influenced
You n*ggas keep sleeping, you gon’ need to meet [?]
I can’t stand no motherf*cking Hoover
I’ma keep the reefer, you can have the hookah
Versace, Medusa, I probably, abuse it
Around me, my crew, your b*tch probably throw two up
Party with b*tches that throw parties too much
We skip right to f*cking, they call you that dulush
And what, deuce up

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