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Lil Twist

"Carte Blanche"

Lets try this again
Hawaiin punch

Uhh the youngest in charge
My pockets get large
A new whip every day
You can check my garage
Jeep sitting high
And that benz is super charge
I ain't say they were mine
But look we living large
Fresh Range, Simpson Yellow, like im rolling Marge
White cracker's diamonds singing like young El DeBarge
Coming back with the black
I don't know how to act
Mister casual flow
But I don't know how to slack
I'm rolling Bugatti shhh
I don't know how to 'lac
Unless I'm getting drove around, but look we audit that
If I'm in the Escalade
That mean I'm getting paid
If you knock 3 times or more, that means I'm getting laid
Shout out to Rose', free Weezy all day
YMCM be my team, on top like toopes
I kill him off, kill him off like first 48
Just give me one of those
If I need two days for drop my gun
Run in a store, have my fun, throw 'em on the floor
Open the door, give me all a day and more
Open your pocket you whore
Now sorry if I just swore
But I'm just hungry and no, I'm not poor
That's what I came here for
And no, not because I needed more

It's my time to shine
But it's my time to show who I'm is
Twist on every girls wish list
How the hell could you diss this ahh

Let, let the beat break in
Tired of these dudes faking
All these other dudes hating
When truthfully I fly angel wings
That are hotter than Satan

Cooler than cool and amazing
And all hell is what I'm raising
I'm chilling on a vacation
With a Jamaican, Asian, Caucasian, Casian
I mean Cuban, Rick Ruben
We cruising, we winning, ya'll losing
Cause we working, while ya'll snoozing
Checks coming every week and I'm tired of moving
To get to the money is something I can't get tired of doing
So I'm gonna keep going till I can't
And I ain't gonna stop till the bank on lock, MAN

Slow up, slow up, show up, show up
Here I go, Twizzy F
When down with the tape, name T rappers
Oh wait is their any left?
Slow up, slow down ya
This how I move it round and
You didn't like me then
And I can only imagine how you like me now

n*ggas don't want it with us
You see Young Money with us
You should be running with us
Instead of running from us
You see us doing it big
So you be puffing your cheek
And every time she speak
You know she mention Lil' Twist

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