Where Ya From
Awww yeah
Where yah from
Yo, where yah belong from
From perth to melbourne
Yup, where yah from
Where's yah home, yup, where yah living
Adelaide to brisbane
Whe-e-e-ere yah from
Stand for ya land if you with me
Ta**ie to sydney
Whe-e-e-ere yah from?
Where yah represent on the map
Where you at
The name you shouting out on the track
Where yah from

Im from a land of freedom
Aladdin's lamp granting three wishes to anyone who need em
Chant the anthem, bleed for my country
Kill for my kingdom, sing for the hungry
The ink on the paper, it ain't my income making money under the table
Yah drink some
Split like vince vaughn and jennifer
Blink im gone, thanks for your sh*t like an enema
Tell em again, again
Dont want to be the center of attention
Just a gentleman with venom in his engine
Decend from the henchmen
Did i mention, im sent without vengance
Kill for a happy ending, with honor
Can't comprehend 'till you spend a summer
On this brown land
If your looking on your map
It down
And down
And down
And down
And down