"2 AM"

[Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X]
It's 2 AM in the mornin
Pressin my alarm again
Stressin over my mom and friends
Sometimes, I wish I was in a coma

Damn! Wakin up to the cold wind
Sometimes, I wish I was a kid again
Sometimes, I don't even wanna remember it
Cause one time I remembered what I couldn't forget
Damn! My stepdad beatin me again
For a bad grade, he must of had A's
The way he was hurtin me in a bad way
My mom hearin the scream but just turned away
What the f**k, are you people crazy?
I was only a baby, five months when they gave me
To my grandma, who was racist
But I ain't give a f**k, I just faced it
Like mace to the police, I was danger
Feelin like I'm in a manger
Baby Jesus, save me from the anger
She's tryin to get me, into this closet I vanished quickly
f**k that, I took 50
From her purse bag, told her "Don't miss me"
I ain't comin back, catch me on another path
I need a bubble bath
Someone, take me in the plastic basket
Sittin on bubble wrap, I'm abandoned
I need a new home, that isn't damaged
A family whom care, to be parents
Errant, my life on the mic
Might wasn't raised too right, so I
Had to decide to turn on the light
Do somethin right, before I'm layin with the mice
Rotten alone on my neighbor's stolen bike
Tryin to think what my afterlife, gon' look like
It gotta look right... it gotta look right...
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