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"Circus Souvenir"

Aha, f*ck is this? S Soun-Sounds like the industry
You know, people don't understand, how you get to this point
So I think I should tell them before cause right now after
And you know this morning , I woke up in my Polo sheets
Throw on my Gucci slip ons , brushed my teeth , hopped in the benz and came right to the studio
But ima tell you the story

[Verse 1]
Came in the game 05 i sing
God gotta plan, stage name on my chain
Switching lanes passing out mixtapes in the rain
Lord dont wanna wake up hungry again
Ran into a hero he knew, Now im infront of 30 thousand people Feeling like the Beatles flyin through cities in ????
I ain't never seen tour before
Wish my friends could see through there own E Y E's
This life people just won't believe im gettin used to things but damn its gone right back home, mann

(huh i dont understand it was like they tease me with it you'know and i just wanna stay out there and be a star but sometimes i just feel like this sh*t just ain't ment for me or it ain't gone work so i dont know sometimes i just feel like giving up but i love this game so much so ima keep go)

[Verse 2]
Go go gadet gucci just gotta have it
So i keep griding can't be average
Haters poiting at me laughin at me
Its in my reach but i just can't grab it
As we speak gotta a call bout the VMA's
Next day on the plane, B-Better new wing
Young Money on stage commercial break
Interviewers waiting say im the new Wayne
Im just tyga man with good management
Baby work your heart gettin the board to perform an everybody show, hello stars

(it feels so great this moment i just.. i feel like shedding a tear cause im finally hear, all the things i went to to get to this point they showin love but its like they still hatin! you'know i guess there only one thing left to do, just gotta gain my)

[Verse 3]
Respect mo'f*cker next mo'f*ckers R E S P E C T
Get it like Areth-, how y'all hatin on me
I made half a million independently, b*tch!
I see G E D swings, corporate people notice me
Pop the cork bottles free supermodel ruby rings i spoil me
Your just babies

(Oh now you mad cuz im.. finally here i tried to tell you in the beggining but you just would listen now the songs almost over, now you made but you still hatin but you love it its just the industry im just a souvinir in the circus you'know ahh GED young money)

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