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"Coconut Juice (Remix)"

[Intro: Tyga]
Put the lime in the coconut and twist it all up {*3X*}
Twist it all up! (Remix baby~!)

[Lil Wayne]
I'm, about to go dumb
I'm about to go dumb, like Fred Sanford's son
Ah-um, I'm about to go coconuts
And when it comes to money man, I'm about to go Oprah
And you ain't got to vote for us cause we ain't never runnin'
So you better get back like we ain't never buntin'
Yeah, I put the lime in the open blunt
And twist it all up baby I am not the sober one
I'm from the jungle where the lion ate the cobra
And I get money, got a no-money phobia
Uh-huh, Tyga-Tyga what it do
Man, we are flyer than the pigeon in the coop
Man, I am hotter than a n*gga in a suit
In the middle of the summer, and I bang like a drummer
Wayne's that nukka, holla at ya gualla
Make the money chase the shadow, call it dollar after dollar

[Hook: Tyga]
Put the lime in the coconut and twist it all up {*3X*}
Twist it all up! Twist it all up!

[Hook Two: Tyga]
Coconut juice got me real loose, like
Got me leanin' three thousand proof, like
Coconut juice all on the dance FLOOR
Fellas let your ladies GO ladies let your fellas GO

In low, +No Introduction+
WAIT, was that an introduction?
Fo-forget it, I stu-stu-stu-stutter just so you can get it
My diamonds so bright, I get picture tickets to tit it
No, Im lyin', right here the Tyga, no Lion
Tyga flowed, humanater, a butter roll tale, you do this slow
Smokings on me, don't touch me, still blow
Cause she won't be missed like Ben Gorden free throws
Uh-uh, Its the cheap coal from marciano
And I'm in the game, but my fame on the d-low
Me no, speak no, broke money english
Loyal I'll be forever in a lake like seaglus
Jesus, couldn't even save me from the visa
So I keep ha, historic names in my James
Ben Frank, name tag be Tyga man
Oh, you mad cause the chase, stylin' with straight Tyga man

[Hook One]

[Rich Boy]
I'mma get some flames over the horn of artagrab
b*tch ain't a buff, until you have a whole sale
I'll take the coconut juice and mix it with a old goose
Hutchy hoot-a-hoot fryin' some Russian red kook
My livin' ATM, wishin' my sh*t money grain
I should have bought an office, I went and bought a ring
Instead I ride dirty, said I shoulda bought the ring
Instead of coconut juice it I mixed it with the lean
AKA the rich one, Cartier yeah the Benjamin
If you ain't a b*tch, why the f*ck you ain't that feminine
When I twisted it up, she licked it up, the whole coconut
Thats it, the whole coconut

[Hook One]

[Hook Three: Tyga]
Everybody in the party
Hold your cup high move your body
If you twist it, scream it loudly
Ay, ay, ay, HEY! Ay, ay, ay, HEY!

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