"G sh*t"

[Intro: Tyga]
Jahlil Beats, holla at me
C-C-Cuff yo' chick

Haha, you know
A lot of girls say a lot of things to me
Sayin' they this and that, but I ain't listen though
DJ Ill Will
'Cause I'm on some G sh*t
Ha, Young Money
D-D-DJ Rockstar

[Verse 1: Tyga]
Uh, I'm in this b*t*h 'til my eyes white
They say I'm all hype, miss me if you blink twice
If your hair pu**y right, I'ma f**k you all night
The rockstar, young Beatle, tell 'em good night
Kiss dada, momma love 'em, about my dollars
Space comma, bills up in Benihanas
Ice water, cash make my d**k larger
I sex harder, make you sweat, sauna
Haha, dope n***a f**k dope b*t*hes
From the city where Locs on and those d**kies
B-side with the Barbie, dash 250
Let her kiss on my neck but no hickies (No hickies?)
Driveway like Sin City
Make a movie with a star, let the lights hit ya
Haha, she think I ain't gon' get
But I'm a fly n***a, I ain't trippin', shawty so
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