"Too Many"

Hahahahahaha, my n***a back on you b*t*hes
Middle finger, motherf**kers
Stunt on 'em hoes
Mustard on the beat, ho

[Verse 1]
I like a ghetto b*t*h (b*t*h), with an ass super fat (Yeah)
Spend it, I'ma make it right back (Yeah)
Got weed in my lap
f**k her, then she gon' get attached
Don't be asking me where your b*t*h at
Ni-n***a, I'm mack, n***a, I'm back
They want a new slap (Yeah), well n***a, this that
Got your b*t*h on my sack (Yeah), n***a, you sad (Yeah)
Broke as a joke, and n***a, I don't laugh (Psh)
n***a in the ghetto, get up on my level
She know I'm the sh*t, yeah, she dig me like a shovel
Millions, have several, n***a, I'm a rebel
And the head so good, she deserve a medal (Yeah)
X on the map, b*t*h, treasure on my d**k (On my d**k)
She open up her mouth like a dentist going in (Going in)
I'm a flossy ass n***a in a saucy ass whip
Chose up on your friend, b*t*h, it is what it is (b*t*h)
I ain't scared to admit it, b*t*h, I'm a menace
Living in the mansion, I ain't no tenant (b*t*h)
Please don't harass me, get your ass finished (b*t*h)
I got big Benjamins (Yeah), call me Mr. Benny (Yeah)
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