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"2011 BET Cypher Chris Brown and Friends"

[Intro: Chris Brown]
Welcome to the Cypher
Myself, K-Mac, Ace Hood, Tyga
It's the Cypher, let's go

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Moment of silence for this beat that I'm about to kill
And all you rappers signed a suicidal deal
No hard feelings pimpin', it's what authentic is
Month old denims thirty grand in the steel
Sleepin' on me I put gas in your Nyquil
Gettin' money while your pockets on the diet pill
Flow knock 'em cold out like Benadryl
Glock cold fourteen, call it Emmett Till
Yeah billionaire it's a state of mind
Thats the Rollie on thankful for these good times
Michael Corleone back when he was in his prime
That's how I'm feelin' while I'm f*ckin' my new Spanish dime
Damn, and you can tell I'm on another level
He think he better then I?
He get the J letter
Yeah jumped in jack be a trend setter
You lookin' at the best how you doin', it's a pleasure

[Verse 2: Kevin McCall]
I'm at the top like high note
Killin' for survival
Jeffery Dahmer, I'ma slaughter every beat that I'm on
Ya'll was sleepin' on me so I had to turn the lights on
My pockets swollen, I should put some ice on
Shout to Breezy coulda never did this sh*t alone
Like potty trainin', coulda never did this sh*t alone
If we ain't the best to do this then this sh*t was wrong
Sicker than HIV I guess that mean I'm full-blown
And of course I'm speakin' metaphorically
Livin' Fantastic I wonder if there's Four of me
This is just a sample so if you want more of me
You have to rewind time unless the microphone recordin' me
K-Mac rhymin' on the payback, the truth will set you free so I'ma testify and say that
Ballin' like a preacher catch me rollin' in my Maybach
Shinin' 'cause I blew myself up, Arab

[Verse 3: Tyga]
Look at me now, my dogs said we gon' be rich one day
But I'm Anfernee, I did things the Hardaway
Easy Bake, fast cake
Rearrange your vertebra
Try like a murder case, you gon' need ice gates
Thin ice, I be icier than a winter lake
Oh you, copied my swag, well you a little late
Prolly make more when I'm gone, Mike J
Smooth Criminal, sweet bass I call it Shawtay
Why you starin' so long, what your eyes gay
Money talk so I just walk and let it translate
You ain't f*ckin' with me I don't fornicate
I just let her taste-test than I let my kids chase
Young Money Cash Money dollars, big face
So when you talk new rappers don't compare me
I'ma last king we don't talk rappers if it ain't YMCMB

[Verse 4: Chris Brown]
They said I was down for the count let's make them eat they words
And if it's beef well sweet I make them bite the curb
This probation got me walkin' on the straight and narrow
I'm takin' shots in the club just likes it's double barrel
Come on live through what I been through
This media so f*cked up that's why I don't do no interviews
And I ain't gotta break sh*t but I bend the rules
I skateboard kick-flip right in my pool
With two hundred model chicks super gettin' loose
They just wanna big di*k did I say that, oops
Ha, oh my, oh my where's my manners
Pardon me for this grammar, this Virginia country grammar
Goin' nuts like some Planter's, and my chain feel like an anchor
When I told you to use your head but I ain't want you to be no thinker
Fresher than a mothaf*cka yeah you got yo stank up
Yeah swallow your pride, yeah go head and drank up

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