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"Drink The Night Away"

[Verse 1: Tyga]
Uh, line full of b*tches
Hard fine b*tches
The sh*t that I'm smokin' got me higher than tuition
Wanna know whats goin' on let me paint a picture
And if ya ain't around lemme give ya a description
Corks everywhere, hoes everywhere
Loud music playin' heavy smoke in the air
Its cups everywhere, flashin' lights
Bottles of Patron, sittin' in the ice like...

[Hook: Mario]
Its a celebration
Bottles by the cases
Tonight we goin' all get wasted
Then we goin' take off like spaceships
Oh, and I dont really want her to leave

Order bottle after bottle
She say she can't drink, ay shut up b*tch swallow
(we gon' drink the night away, we gon' drink the night away)

[Verse 2: Tyga]
Ah Mr. Rose Raw
2 piece suit cuff link on the arm
Sex on the beach and some shots for these broads
And bring the biggest bottle of Moet for my dawgs
We on the couch leanin' on the wall
My old b*tch hit me said I seen you with them hoes
But I'm turnt up so a n*gga lost his phone
I gotta find a freak take her home
Hit it like uhhhh
Same day different chick ya'll
Took girls all around the world up on Crenshaw
In and out the crib, back and forth like ping pong
Me and Game got the ho jumpin' Kriss Kross
I'm the sh*t so p*ss off
Better yet, find me somethin' to p*ss on
I'm too drunk, how I take it this far
Wake up, and do it all again tomorrow



[Verse 3: Game]
Uh, uh sicker than cancer
Colder than Aspen
West side ridin' wit Tyga
Tiger fur inside the Aston
Martin dependin' on who askin'?
Got so many chickens, all my birds in one basket
And thats a coupe for you, retract the roof for you
Its a Doggy Dog world, and I can call Snoop for ya
Uh thats gangsta, thats fly
Yo baby mamas mama would say I'm one hell of a guy
Why do I start beefs, why do I drop Phantoms
Why I got 7 houses but none in Atlanta
(thats stupid)
Nah n*gga smarter than Bill Gates
Clap ya hands I do it
With the sound that still make
I know the real Weezy, introduce you to the real Drake
My hoes more patient than Detox fans, they will wait
For me to go um, 10 times platinum
And cop more Patron and hatin' n*ggas imagine

[Hook + outro]
Its a celebration
Tonight we gon' all get wasted
Then we goin' take off like spaceships
But I dont really want her to leave
Dont leave, dont be scared
It ain't a game, meet me in the bed
And we gon' drink the night away
Ohh I dont really want you to leave baby
Wooah, I don't really want you to leave
Come celebrate with me baby

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