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"Black Thoughts"

Open your eyes, in the dark
Clear your mind, feel your heart
To the sky, and beyond
You are now listening to Black Thoughts

[Verse 1]
Uh, middle finger f*ck your life
Look in the mirror see your image twice
They turn my fog on, stage lights
What's about to go on, happens only tonight
Hoes psyched, to see him life-size
n*ggas hating on it, that di*k is close by
Echoed the lullabies, sing at your funeral
Send his mamma the bills, I'm reading my fan-mail
BBM'n b*tches on my hand-held
So sick of lyrically murderin' tracks, roadkill
So ill, wear furs like Frank did
T-tell her lick my di*k like powder lucas
Who knew this kid blow up to be this big
Pulling up in Benz looking at my crib
Might Twit-pic but no camera lens
I live in the moment, so I don't reminisce


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