"Break Up"

Motherf**k a spirit of Hitler
Scared hicka, you rap n***as
I'm master splinter
I turtle-shell n***as

In Harold and Bell, n***as
Eat you like lunch, before the bell
Welcome to hell, n***as
I rock bad b*t*hes
I bed-rock b*t*hes
Tyga IROC like Camaro 87 engines
The back lif' up
Black bat, your car's vision
The roof missing
Snapbacks, no f**king fitteds
My last dinner in a rapper's kitchen
Need a dentist after n***as leave you dental dinning
They call me hall pu**y, I'm porky the pig with it
Leave a poker-face face even if a fan can get it
Okay I really got anger
Kids should never talk to strangers
Might get you flat-out hangered on a barb-wire hanger
I'm happy that I'm famous
Not a A-list
I'm ageless
Fresh out gorilla cages
When a train crush your f**king face, b*t*h
Poppy bangin', no rags just bloody statements
This music saved me, can help you n***a's times wasting
White faces, see me and say my charms racist
The ice layers remind 'em of a lemon cake, mm
Get in line, baby
Limited I'm baby
It's Young Money Hades
Home of the mic rabies
Mic crazy
Tyga man, I'm part Asian
Eyes never lazy
G.E.D-ing on the daily
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